Since 2017, Sidian has been actively translating for various art institutions, including Pro Helvetia Shanghai, Shanghai Minsheng Art Museum, Wu Space, Aranya Art Center, etc. She also provides translation for poetry and fictions.

For commission or inquiry, please email:

Selected Publications as Translator (English to Chinese or vice versa)

  • Dylan Kim, PING LING PONG LANG 乒铃乓啷, Protocinema, June 2024
  • “Touch Grass,” “Floating Nowhere,” “Presence is attenuated: departure,” A Selection of Outstanding Entries from the Eighth International Awards for Art Criticism, CITIC Press, Beijing, June 2023.

  • Being Theoria: the 4th Hangzhou Triennial of Fiber Art, China Academy of Art Press, Hangzhou, October 2022.

  • Tianqi Chen, “Friendship among Fans: The Narrative Based on Situation and Bodily Experience,” LEAP, F/W 2021 CONNECTED, November 2021, 162-175.

  • Linchao Ma, “Minnow Fish,” YOUTH, vol 875: May 2020. 77-81. Overseas Digest, no. 786 (August 2020): 72-75.

  • Biguo’s Poem, edited by Roy Yue Gu. CN Times Books, Beijing, 2019.