At Home with My Family
Photography (installation)
Size changeable

This is a photography series of I living with the life-size photo prints of my parents. Through manipulating their images, I gained a temporal dominance over our relationship. This is my compromised reconciliation with my parents and my exploration of photography as a tool of power.

Due to the Covid-19, for four months I was stuck in a quarantine at my hometown with my parents, with whom I have a complex and mainly disheartening relationship. Taking photos of them was the only time I could look at them without emotional burdens. After I returned to Shanghai, I printed these photos at life-size and made them fit into my place. Through photography, the space between my two homes overlaps, and I created a new scenario where I could live with my parents in harmony.

When taking photos of my parents, I discovered the power of making photos: I was invading their life and narrating for them. Whereas manipulating their printed photos into a new narrative made me capable of developing something new in our relationship. Through photographing, gazing, and re-photographing, I temporarily became the one who defines and dominates our relationship. Finally, I get to see my parents being quietly supportive instead of manipulative and judgmental, just for once.