Baijia Bei
Participatory Installation
Shanghai, 2021

Baijia Bei (One Hundred Families Quilt) is a participatory project that aims to share the experience of being sheltered by aggregated fragments of love amid turbulent times.

This project takes the form of a quilt, the core of which is made with photographs of the things I borrowed from friends, things that surrounded me in my temporary living space and made me feel loved. The audience is invited to expand the quilt by attaching their own photos of objects that symbolize support and love. All photos use blankets as background, composing an archive of mental and physical shelter. During the performances, I take the quilt to parks and invite the audience to sit down with me, to talk about the things that have helped us through turbulent times.

The name “Baijia Bei” is borrowed from a Northern Chinese patchwork tradition: making a quilt with fabric pieces donated by friends and neighbors to bless the newborn infant with collective good wishes. Similar to this tradition, Baijia Bei is a symbol of assembled fragments of love. When tying the images printed on canvas together with ropes, the audience and I co-construct an ephemeral home with a renewed ritual that involves an exchange of energy.


Photos by Manyi Chen, Yunzhen Hou
Video by Manyi Chen
Special Thanks to every participants