Installation View

A Single-Displacement Reaction
Photography (Installation)

This work criticizes the suppression of negative emotions. Pain is part of human life. If we refuse to embrace it, we will turn into something else.

In this work, I switch places for humans and the plant, giving plants the capability to feel and turning off human’s feelings. While plants grow a defense system, human beings become inhuman without pain. This project comes from my curiosity about how plants feel: it turns out that plants are aware of being damaged, but they do not care. It makes me admire plants’ evolution choice, which sacrifices the emotional capability to become the essential giver in the ecosystem. Plants trade their chance to be happy for collective prosperity, while human beings, who are fortunate enough with a sophisticatedly evolved emotional system, would rather give up their chance to feel when facing negative emotions. By running away from what we feel, we run away from our true selves.

Aside from vision, the installation provokes olfactory and tactile senses in order to give the audience an immersive experience. Instead of merely watching, the audience could directly experience the work by standing inside the tableau. In this way, the audience may get the sense of navigating in a dangerous world with much more feisty plants, and of the magnified vulnerability when we run away from emotions. The intention is for the audience to rethink their relationship with their emotions, and the roles human beings and plants hold in the world.

在这个作品中,我把植物和人类的情绪反应置换,让植物拥有因情绪衍生的防御系统,让人类关上情绪的开关。本作品灵感来自一位想成为植物的朋友,她好奇植物会有什么情感。生物学家Daniel Chamovitz在采访中说,植物能知道自己被采撷,但它们对此不以为意。植物选择在生态系统中进化成如此角色,我心生敬佩。同时,我开始反思人类是如何对待自己的情绪的。

Special thanks to Wu Luxi, Liu Siteng, Guccini, Liu Xinyi