61 Wyckoff Ave, Brooklyn, NY, US

Sidian Liu will be presenting an interactive experience involving food for Tapas’ closing event. 

Living Skin presents Tapas, a series of week-long mini-shows unraveled week by week from June 22 to August 9, ramping up towards an all-day closing event on August 10. The final plate of Tapas will feature remnants of all mini-show and interpretations of each from 3 culinary artists in an an all-day, unique-to-each-person consumption experience. 6 plates, 6 artists, 3 chefs, 1 final meal.

2024/07/03, 7 – 9 pm
Seward Park ping-pong table, Essex Street entrance, New York City, NY, US  

Ping Ling Pong Lang 乒铃乓啷     

Protocinema presents Ping Ling Pong Lang 乒铃乓啷, a flash event collaboration with artist Christine Jung, curator Dylan Kim, artist and producer Sidian Liu, and the Seward Park ping-pong community on Wednesday, July 3 from 7 to 9 pm at the Seward Park ping-pong table, Essex Street entrance, Free For All.

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2023/12/08 – 2024/01/21
Bedstuy, Brooklyn, NY, US

Dreaming Exercise
on view at
Tu! Gift, Tu! Take 
A group show at Tutu Gallery
Curated by AGORA
Opening reception: 2023/12/08, 6–9pm

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Sidian was announced as the 2024 Denis Roussel Fellow of the Center for Fine Art Photography!

2023/11/15 – 12/22
60 Broad Street, 32nd Floor, New York, NY, US

At Home with My Family
on view at
Presented by Morris Adjmi Architect
Curated by Alex Feim

2023/11/6 – 11/10
Lishui, Zhejiang Province, China 浙江丽水

The Conch Girl Project
on view at
The Conch Girl Project, Sidian Liu’s solo show at 2023 Lishui Photography Festival


At Home with My Family on view at
A Retrospective: The 20th Anniversary of Lishui Photography Festival,
2023 Lishui Photography Festival
Curated by Nan Wu’ai


2023/08/21 – 09/21
66 5th Ave / 2 West 13th, New York, NY, US

The Conch Girl Project
on view at
The Sound Crickets Make, Parsons School of Design MFA Photography 2023 Thesis Show
Anna-Maria and Stephen Kellen Gallery & Arnold and Sheila Aronson Galleries 
Opening Reception: Thursday 08/24, 6–8pm

Artists: athena abdien / Azelion Manuel / Beiyuan Zhang / Bella Okuya / Ben Rybisky / Blaine Williams / Camilla M. Mecagni / Dexter Lopez / Drishti Verma / Frida Braide / jude Lives / Kuan Hsieh / Paria Ahmadi / Sawani Chaudhary / Sidian Liu / Trenton Teinert / Thomas O. Iacobucci / Yulin Gu

2023/07/19 – 07/23
13 Monroe St, New York, NY, US⁣

At Home with My Family on view at
Cement, Tail of a Gecko⁣
Present⁣ed by Temple Gallery & Tutu Gallery
Curated by Li Jianrui & April Z⁣
⁣Opening Reception: Thursday July 20, 6–9PM⁣

Artists: María Dusamp / J Dylan / Polin Huang / Yanmei Jiang / Kyaw Moe Khine / David Yonghwan Lee / Yizhi Liu /Sidian Liu / Sha Luo / Elijah Chukwuka Mogoli / Xiangjie Peng /Xuanyi Aura Wang /Amy Wang / Cherrie Yu / Shang Zhefeng / Annie Chen Ziyao

2023/05/19 – 06/18
68 Mott Street, New York, NY, US

The Conch Girl Project
on view at
Sip from the Skull: Chapter I
Curated by AGORA
Tipsy Shanghai 6

Artists: Billy Chen / Jeewon Kim / Kaming Lee / Yiwei Lu / Sidian Liu / Eiko Nishida / Kai Oh / Tianran Qian / Albert Samreth / Junyi Shi / Qiaosen Yang / Rachel Youn / V Yeh

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2023/04/10 – 04/13
New York City, NY, US

Stealing Light
on view at
AMT Moving Image Festival 2023
Parsons School of Design, The New School

2023/03/11 – 04/30
Fuzhou, Fujian Province, China 福建福州

At Home with My Family
on view at
Etúde of Tracing Back
Curated by the Miroir Project
G-Lake Art Gallery, Fuzhou China

Artists: Jiani Chen / Ya Zhang / Geyujing Shen / Su An / Liang Wang / Sidian Liu / Siyuan Li



2022/10/25 – 11/22
Chengdu, China 中国成都

Doll House: Sidian Liu’s Solo Exhibition
Banshan Lin Gallery
, Chengdu, China 

The reality may not bend to my will, but the world of imagery does. Manipulating images is my way of folding space and constructing narratives, all to build my safety house in the world of photos.

Doll House includes two of my works: At Home with My Family, and a three-channel video installation Stealing Light. Both of them were made in my living space. They are personal, confined, and shy. In a world and time that I don’t always feel belonged, I can always turn to the realm of images to be the owner, the dominator, the monarch, and the ruler.

Photos by Dong Lin






2022 – 2023
Lishui, Zhejiang Province, China 浙江丽水

At Home with My Family on view at
The 9th China Photography Annual Ranking List
Photography Museum of Lishui China


2022/05/19 – 06/02
178 Bleecker St, New York, NY, US

At Home with My Family on view at
Liminality: 2022 Visual Art Exhibtion of Asian Artists in America
Curated by Wukong Media
Time Arts, New York, NY

2021/10/23 – 2022/04/28
Shanghai, China 上海

At Home with My Family on view at
The World Beyond the World
Curators: LIN Ye, SHI Hantao
Rongyi Art Museum, Shanghai, China

Artists: Sayuki Inoue / Luo Kai / Zoe Li / Liu Sidian / Jun Fujiyasu /  Tong Wenmin /  Xu Guanyu /  Hass Zhang / Wang Yingying / Yi Lian  / Kawori Inbe / Nao Nakai


艺术家:井上佐由纪 / 罗凯/李启菁/刘思典/藤安淳/童文敏/徐冠宇/惟祺/汪滢滢/易连/斋部香/中井菜央

Pingyao, Shanxi, China 山西平遥

At Home with My Family
on view at
“Kunpeng Award" of China Young Photographer Promotion Plan, 21st Pingyao International Photography Festival
Curated by Du Zi


Beijing, China 北京

At Home with My Family on view at
A Myriad of Rooms
Curated by Miroir Project
Three Shadows Photography Art Center, Beijing

Artists: Chen Ziqiu / Dawayangjin / Li Yilin / Liu Sidian / Lv Xiaohe / Soojo Lee / Wang Zixi / Zhu Baolei / Zhu Xianwen


艺术家:陈子秋/达佤央金/李亦霖/刘思典/ 吕小盒/Soojo Lee/王子嘻/朱宝蕾/朱茜文